Resealable Flow Wrappers

Suitable for delicatessens such as deli meats and cheese or products that use classic thermoforming packaging.

Resealable Packaging

At present, sliced cheese and meat products are often packaged in deep-drawn packaging in Germany. In the Netherlands, resealable Flow Wrappers have been used to stock the shelves in supermarkets for many years. Major chains such as Albert Heijn, Aldi and Jumbo have embraced this proven concept. Omori machines have produced this resealable packaging for sliced cheese and meat products since 1998. The SeloPack™ packaging concept, developed by Omori, uses sealing technology that is so stable that it remains gas-tight even at high speeds. Consumers are also extremely satisfied as it avoids wasting food, ensures that the product remains fresh for longer, and is also easy to use.

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A resealable SeloPack™ pack weighs around 10 grams*. In contrast, a conventional deep-drawn pack weighs double this, at around 20 grams. If you produce 100 packs per minute – 8 hours a day/250 days a year – this will result in around 240,000 kg of plastic annually with a thermoforming machine. If the product is packaged in the SeloPack™ using the Omori Flow Wrapper, this is 120,000 kg. This is a saving of no less than 50%!

Product Features
  • Resealable closure
  • Clear 12.1″ LCD color touch screen control panel.
  • Soft products are gently wrapped.
  • Accurate product alignment
  • Self-diagnostics for fast response and ease of operation.
  • High quality, high-speed wrapping.
  • Designed for production versatility.
  • Quiet and simple to maintain.