S-5000X Super Seal Flow Wrapper


S-5000X Super Seal Flow Wrapper – Rotary Jaw & Box Motion configuration 

The Super Wrapper Box Motion offers outstanding quality through accurate film control and minimised vibration. This cutting-edge servomotor-driven machine can achieve up 120 packs per minute. Through the Box Motion these Flow Wrappers achieve a higher quality seal, making it the best style of Flow Wrapper for taller products, heavy products and/or for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), as the Box Motion can provide airtight seals.

  S-5000X BX S-5100X BX
Product Rate: 120 packs/min 120 packs/min
Film Width: Max 450mm Max 650mm
Product Size:
Width: 200m
Height: 60mm
Width: 280m
Height: 60mm

* Super wide type S-5200X available (Film width :850mm)
*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.

Product Features

  • 15″TFT color display
  • Twin screen display available for multi-monitoring control
  • Stainless steel covers standard
  • Outstanding quality through accurate film control and minimized vibration