Carton Sealer Machines

Carton Sealer Machines have a range of applications, allowing cartons to be formed, filled and sealed with loose or pre-packaged products using hot glue, air glue or tuck in flap closing methods. These machines can come in different formats such as Top Load Cartoners, Side Load Cartoners and  Sleeving Cartoners to suit individual product needs.


carton sealer machine

ECONO-PAK Top Load Carton Sealer Machines are the perfect versatile packaging solution, providing a range of carton closing options from single flap lock system, triple flap lock system, stack-in lock system as well as angled and straight-lined designs. Offering closing speeds of up to 250 cartons per minute for high performance keyturn packaging. These reliable machines are specifically designed for individual customer requirements and have the ability to suit a wider range of product dimensions than most Carton Sealer Machines on the market.

Top Load Models

EV Carton Closer

GVE Carton Closer

WVE Angle Carton Closer

GVM Carton Closer

HV High Performance Carton Closer


Single-flap design

Straightline Three Flap design

Three Flap design

Straightline Three Flap design

Three Flap design


120 cartons/min

100 cartons/min

100 cartons/min

150 cartons/min

250 cartons/min

Format Range: L = 70mm to 350mm / B = 70mm to 300mm / H = 20mm to 160mm



ECONO-PAK Side Load Carton Sealer Machines  offer servo driven technology and quick changeovers for maximised production. The Side Load Cartoner can reach up to speeds of 330 cartons per minute for the ultimate streamlined turnkey systems. The Side Loader offers a large format allowing for a wider range of products to be packaged specifically in the food industry.

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Sider Loader Models:

SL Carton Closer

Closing Type:

Hot glue or tuck closing


25-330 cartons/min



ECONO-PAK Sleeving Cartoner has been designed for a wrap around finish for tray type packaging. This style of packaging maximises advertising as well as offers a protective barrier for the product while remaining economic. This quality Sleeving Cartoner can reach speeds up to 150 cartons per minute depending on customer requirements and has a range of features that can be incorporated to maximise turnkey packaging solutions for ease of distribution and reliability. 

Sleeving Models:




Pneumatic infeed, central drive, feeder with articulated arm

Electronic infeed, servo drives, rotating feeder with 3 or 5 arms


30-150 cartons/min

30-150 cartons/min