Flow wrap machines

Our flow wrap machines

Here at Perfect Automation, we’ve got various types of flow wrap machine available for your product packaging needs.

Our rotary jaw flow wrapper, for example, enables fast speeds of up to 1000ppm, and you can customise your machine further by choosing the number of jaws you’d like (up to four).

And if you have products which are not so sturdy, loose or lightweight, our backseal flow wrapper is ideal. These machines come without the need for trays, so your products can be packaged even if they don’t fit your regular system. And if you’re looking for packaging sealed to a higher standard than usual, our box motion flow wrap machines are ideal due to the longer period of time spent sealing in the machine.

About Perfect Automation

Here at Perfect Automation, we’re proud to be one of Australia’s leading flow wrap machine suppliers and a one-stop shop for everything to do with packaging.

We have a wide selection of products available beyond our flow wrap machine choices, including everything from shrink machines to case packers. We also offer a large number of services for the firms across Australia who need help with their packaging processes, ranging from repair services if your machinery fails to work as it should, to project management for those key moments in your firm’s infrastructure development. What’s more, you can now access our suite of environmentally friendly packaging options designed with sustainability in mind.

With 35 years’ worth of expertise built up over a career working in roles ranging from technician to owner, those behind Perfect Automation are some of the most experienced in the industry. With offices located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the packaging challenges facing organisations across Australia.