Expert Machinery with easy changeovers

We seldomly consider production changeovers and the costs when considering which is the perfect packaging machinery. In fact, changeover costs are usually written off as a miscellaneous loss. But for companies running a multitude of products through their high-capacity lines, this downtime cost starts to add up. It is estimated that for a one-hour daily changeover on a fairly significant packaging project with the line running 240 days per year, the annual cost is $1.8 million. 

These machinery changeovers are non-productive labour costs that are a necessary part of running production, but it does increase the risk of issues arising such as increased product rejects, longer startup cycles and potential machine malfunctions if changeovers are done incorrectly.

Australia’s packaging industry is filled with machines that can “do the job” but there is only a few select manufacturers that do the job right. Providing the best pack presentation without compromise to machine efficiency or technology enhancements. When considering what is the right machinery for your business, be in the know about your maintenance costs, the changeover capability, and the room for expansion and optimisation – because you are investing for the future.

Why invest with Perfect Automation?

Perfect Automation has over 45 years of industry experience, and our customers know we have a solution for them. We are the trusted distributors for the world’s leading specialists in the packaging industry, and because our manufacturers pain-stakingly perfect their machines to ensure that packaged product is getting the best packaging with no hindrance to speed or pack integrity. 

What Machines can we offer? 

We offer a vast range of end-to-end packaging systems, from stand alone units to fully automated high capacity turnkey systems. 

Omori Resealable flow wrapper

What sets us apart? 

Dedicated to machinery operation, we custom design solutions that fit within customer requirements. With industry knowledge and hands on experience, we know what works but we won’t sell you on it, we will give you the facts and the decision is yours. No pressure, no obligation. 

Not only do we offer the machines, but you aren’t left to work out all the components, Perfect Automation supply, install and service Australia-wide. We offer support to all our customers that suit them. 

And you aren’t forgotten about, with constant market changes and trends, you have the flexibility with us for innovative technology solutions that can enhance your existing packaging lines, eliminating the need to completely upgrade to new machinery.

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Where do I begin? 

Get in touch with us, let’s discuss your requirements and let us do the rest.