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6 09, 2017

Sustainable Packaging Is Here!


A new sustainable packaging flexible bag manufactured from eucalyptus tree has been added to their range. Perfect Automation has expanded its packaging range, made from sustainable sources, including eucalyptus trees, which is fully home compostable at the end of its service life. The pack comprises a bio-film called NatureFlex® which is created with wood-pulp from sustainably sourced eucalyptus plantations. For every tree used, another is planted in its place.
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6 09, 2017

Fighting Food Waste – One Package At A Time


Consumers are becoming more aware of food waste and how much this equates to the household budget. Consumers are becoming more aware of the amount of food they are throwing out and how much this equates to the household budget.  With more than 4 million tonnes of food waste thrown out by Australian households alone, this equates to $8 billion dollars or $1036 per household – that’s a winter electricity bill or a nice holiday!
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6 09, 2017

Compostable Packaging Completes The Picture For Foodie Fee


Foodie Fee has introduced compostable packaging to its health food range of products and they couldn’t be happier. At the Naturally Good Expo, Darling Harbour in June 2017, Foodie Fee launched their new compostable packaging from Perfect Automation for their single serve health orbs range where it met with an astounding response. ‘I got the feeling that there were a lot of like-minded people who felt relieved that finally, we are starting to move in the right direction with packaging.’ says founder and owner of Foodie Fee, Fiona Herron. With a business mission to provide a complementary holistic approach to

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6 09, 2017

Foodpro 2017 – Fresh, New Packaging!


See you at foodpro 2017 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. Perfect Automation are excited to be exhibiting at foodpro 2017 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, Australia – an iconic exhibition celebrating 50 years for the food and beverage manufacturing industry! Move over outdated packaging, Perfect Automation will be showcasing the new to Australia range of innovative packaging solutions, suitable for a wide range of products, including fresh produce, small goods, ready meals, and the snack food industry.  Each packaging solution has been designed precisely to save packaging, production costs whilst increase consumer experience and freshness of produce. Patrick Mercieca, Director

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8 05, 2017

Compostable Packaging Wins 2017 Award


A compostable pack designed by Parkside, a leading packaging solutions provider, for an energy bar made from powdered cricket flour, has won a global World Food Innovation Award 2017.
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Compostable Packaging Wins 2017 Award2022-07-28T12:46:22+10:00
8 05, 2017

New Site


Welcome to the new site for Perfect Automation., The best advice, superior service and leading technology: get the best results out of your packaging equipment.
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