Side Seal Wrapper with patented design

Offering unlimited potential and streamlining production, the Star Evo is the first machine in the world that has been designed and patented with an exclusive system that allows this Side Seal Wrapper to work with center folded and flat film. This flexibility and versatility allows for further film saving while providing a high standard pack result. The Star Evo Wrapper is revolutionary in engineering and design as it allows packaging of large, irregular-shaped products in a flow pack style.

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Expert Machinery with easy changeovers

We seldomly consider production changeovers and the costs when considering which is the perfect packaging machinery. In fact, changeover costs are usually written off as a miscellaneous loss. But for companies running a multitude of products through their high-capacity lines, this downtime cost starts to add up. It is estimated that for a one-hour daily changeover on a fairly significant packaging project with the line running 240 days per year, the annual cost is $1.8 million. 

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