Automated Packaging Line – minimise wastage on all facets of the business

Automated Packaging Lines are fast becoming a necessity in the the food industry. With strict regulations in place, food suppliers have a hard task of preparing and packaging all their products to ensure consumer safety. So what should your business consider when this is the upmost important task as a supplier? 

Common types of production lines include

  • primary packaging  –  robotic pick-and-place, tray sealing, gravity feeding
  • secondary packaging  –   top-load cartoning, pouch sealers, flow wrapping
  • tertiary packaging    –    case packing  and palletising

These types of automation add in ways to reduce product recall, damages, loss and overall food and package wastage by incorporating systems that are designed and built for food safety standards whilst remaining energy conscious of downtimes in a large manufacturing warehouse. 

With the use of added technology, requirements for weighing, printing and advertising all need to be considered, even with servicing and faulty finding. In a large production line, when one machine is down it causes a domino effect. So having machines that correspond with each other and are specifically designed for your warehouse setup and product is highly important. 

Payper is one of our many suppliers that offer tailor made solutions  to ensure your product is safe and your reputation remains intact. Contact us for more information on how we can automate your packaging line and enhance your product.