Zero Wastage for the Packaging Industry

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their wastage footprint however with plastic products and packaging being integral in everyday life, only 14% of this is being recovered/recycled. The machinery market is constantly working on innovative ways to reduce film wastage and energy consumption. Offering a variety of solutions that are both affordable and productive. 

Reclosable sealing with flow wrapped packaging is hitting the market like a storm, allowing for consumers to keep their product fresher for longer by resealing the package whilst reducing plastic compared to classic thermo-formed packs by 50%. This form of packaging is very cost effective and still allows for the complete surface of the packaging to be used for marketing communications. 

But Perfect Automation have taken the notion of zero wastage a step further and have partnered with PA Packaging Solutions, providing 100% compostable and certified packaging material that can be used on a range of packaging equipment.  PA Packaging Solutions is the first Australian company to provide 100% compostable material that meets Australian standards for the food packaging industry, offering longer shelf life and packaging formats not previously available with home compostable films. Find out more.