Appealing to the market

Packaging is an important aspect of your product and should be a key consideration during product development.

Your packaging should attract and engage the often-overwhelmed consumers’ attention in a few seconds; it should be functional and intuitive. However, recent surveys suggest increasing numbers of consumers have trouble opening packages, with many requiring assistance. Inevitably, customers are left feeling frustrated. Consumers are now turning to competitor products that feature easy accessibility, packaging which keeps contents fresh, openability, portability and convenient storage options. To keep ahead of this growing trend Perfect Automation offers a range of zipper pouches, standup pouches and flat pouches.

For filling of resealable pouches Perfect Automation recommends our range of Rotary Pouch Machines. If you are looking to reach a high output capacity, the Quadruple Rotary Pouch Machine is recommended. This system enables four pouches to operate around the carrousel at once, allowing it to reach up to speeds of 120-180 pouches per minute depending on the product. The Quadruple Rotary Pouch Machine is user-friendly and is controlled via a touchscreen interface that includes fault indication software. It has smart technology that allows the machine to have a no bag/no open – no fill/no seal system, along with rapid product changeovers. The machines’ modular design and stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.